Visions is an art club for all!


Visions is the Kennesaw State University Student Art Society. Our goal is to foster creativity and build a strong connection between KSU students and the contemporary art world. We serve as the main hub of the extracurricular art scene at KSU and partner with the other art clubs on campus. We are also in partnership with the Zuckerman Museum and host our own gallery space on campus.  

Visions was created in 1983 by Roberta Griffin and Patrick Taylor in order to stimulate awareness in the visual arts among KSU students, faculty, and staff. We are proudly celebrating our 35th year on campus, and are continuing to grow and extend our reach to the local and international art scene.

Our Officers:

President: Hayley Leavitt

Our current President is Hayley Leavitt, a junior in her second year. She is a double major, with a concentration in Drawing and Painting and a concentration in Illustration. 


Vice-President: Sarah McClymond

Our current Vice-President is Sarah McClymond, a sophomore majoring in Illustration, with an interest in Sculpture as well.