Visions is getting a facelift!

The new officers of Visions are happy to announce some awesome plans we've got in store for the coming year! We've been working really hard to make Visions an accessible art club for everyone involved!

We'll be posting all of our events, meetings, and info on our fancy new website! We'll also be updating our Facebook and Twitter pages regularly, but this website will be our main hub for any information regarding the club.

Right now, some of the things we have planned are:

  • Several workshops in the fall semester (book binding, paper making, building cradled panels, building and stretching canvases, painting demos, t-shirt printing, and hopefully much more!)
  • We're partnering with the Zuckerman Museum to host gallery openings in the Visions Gallery and other events on campus. We'll also be hosting a special event for the opening of the new museum in the fall. 
  • We'll be taking some trips into Atlanta to visit galleries, artist studios, and other events in the area. 
  • We've got big plans for fundraising this year, and we'll be working some of the Marietta Artist Markets and other art markets in the area.
  • T-shirts are in the works! We should have some shirts ready for print by the end of the summer! 
  • We've also got plans for doing volunteer work in the community! We'll be painting murals in several charter schools in Atlanta during the summer. Details on this will be coming soon!
  • The Visions Gallery is going to be back in business in the fall! We've got some awesome things planned for our gallery, so keep checking back for more info! 


These are just some of the things we've got going on at the moment! We're sure to have much more things going on as summer progresses. And we're always looking for ideas and suggestions! We'll be starting regular meetings in the fall, but until then, feel free to shoot us an email at if you have any questions/comments/suggestions.


We're excited for a fresh start, and we'd love for you to be a part of it as well!