Curated Exhibitions


 Visions curates multiple exhibitions each semester. If you are interested in participating in a Visions exhibition, please visit our Calendar for upcoming dates and deadlines.



1. Visit the Visions Gallery Call for Entries page and find the exhibition you are interested in entering in. 

2. Fill out the form on the Call for Entries page. Some exhibitions may require an entry fee, which can be paid online (if stated in the form) or in person. (Note: submissions will NOT be reviewed until an entry fee is paid). 

3. Send an email  to with a 72 dpi .jpeg of each work that you are submitting. Please title the subject of you email: FIRST AND LAST NAME, TITLE OF EXHIBITION SUBMISSION. (Ex. CLAUDE MONET, VISIONS JURIED SHOW SUBMISSION).  

4. Once selected, you will be notified to drop off the accepted artwork at the Visions Gallery during the scheduled drop off dates. You will be required to sign a release form at the time of drop off. 

5. At the close of the exhibition, you will be required to pick up your artwork during the selected pickup dates/times.





Solo or Group Exhibitions

Visions allows students to exhibit their work in a solo or group show. If you are interested in hosting your own solo exhibition, please visit our Exhibition Calendar for available dates for solo shows.



1. For consideration, an email must be sent to with your completed Exhibition Agreement, along with a 72 dpi .jpeg image of each work in the exhibition.  Submissions sent after the deadline will not be reviewed. If you are submitting a request for an installation, a proposal will be required with your Exhibition Agreement.

2. An entry fee may be required for an exhibition. If an entry fee is required, it can be paid online, or in person. (Note: submissions will not be reviewed until an entry fee is paid).

3. Once selected, you will be notified to schedule installation. 



1. Writing or painting on the walls is not permitted. 

2. Exhibitions must be removed by 12pm on Sunday following the close of each exhibition. 

3. It is your responsibility to schedule time to install each exhibition. Each exhibition must be ready by 9am on the first day of the exhibition period. 

4. All costs associated with an exhibition are the responsibility of the participating Artist/s.

5. The Gallery Director or Gallery Assistant will be helping hang the exhibition. However, the artist must arrive prepared to hang the show themselves. 

6. Any damage to gallery walls should be reported immediately to gallery staff (Kirstie Tepper). Please do not attempt to repair walls or use wet paint in the gallery.

Gallery staff are available to answer installation questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 



1. You are responsible for securing the funds for your reception. Possible funding sources could include SABAC and Residence Life. 

2. You will work with the Gallery Director or Gallery Assistant on dates available for your reception. This must be approved by Residence Life. Reception times are up to the Department of Residence Life and the Gallery staff depending on the availability of the space. 

3. You must clean up and dispose of trash following your reception. 

4. Reception tables may be borrowed from Residence Life. To borrow a table, request that one be brought to your reception by the Gallery Director or Assistant. 

5. Alcohol is not permitted at receptions or on KSU campus. 



The following security measures are in place to provide some security for work displayed in the Visions Gallery at Village Suites, however, Artist bears all risk of loss or damage to the artwork. 

1. There is a camera located in the gallery space, which while not monitored, digitally records some gallery activity and stores those recordings for future review should an incident occur. 

2. Only residents have access to the lobby after hours via an access card. In addition, a Resident Assistant is on-call each night beginning at 5pm.