President – Rainey Rawles

 Photo courtesy of  Dim Horizon Studio .

Photo courtesy of Dim Horizon Studio.

Rainey Rawles is an Atlanta based artist currently studying drawing and painting at the School of Art and Design at Kennesaw State University. Rainey has actively pursued art over the last ten years, and has participated in many artistic programs throughout her academic career. She has attended the Georgia Governor's Honors Society  for visual art, was president of the Harrison High School chapter of the National Art Honors Society , and has participated in many arts festivals in both Atlanta, GA and Raleigh, NC. Her work has been featured in the MoCA-GA 2012 Off the Wall Pin-Up Show, Visions 30th Annual Student Juried Exhibition, KSU Share Magazine, and Youth Today. In her spare time, Rainey enjoys silent films, prop making, reading, and attending sci-fi conventions. Upon graduation, she plans to attend the Universität der Künste Berlin to pursue her Master's degree.

Rainey's work can be viewed at www.raineyrawles.com

                                                          Vice-President – Lydia Day


Shortly after her birth in Woodstock, GA, Lydia Day moved to her home in Kennesaw, GA where she was raised in a strict southern setting. Starting at an early age, multiple interests pulled at Lydia’s unquenchable curiosity. She found satisfaction in athletics like soccer and track, but was also an avid reader and lover of animal biology. At age nine her first sketchbook found its way into her hands and she began recreating images of everything around her. With her father being a hunter, images of African animals and more domestic game circulated throughout her sketchbook. Her love of the natural world led her through public schools and finally, in 2009, to Kennesaw State University to study Biology.

The death of her father in 2010 became the turning point in the journey of becoming the artist she is today by beginning the process of rumination. Her art revolves strongly around the aspects of life and death, and their respective relationship. This duality has a strong presence in the majority of her drawings and paintings, usually finding its way to light using biological paradigms. Recently she has stumbled into the realm of abstraction, using home-made and unconventional mediums to find the order of life in the chaos that death brings.

Lydia's work can be viewed at http://www.lydiaday.com

                                                  Gallery Coordinator – Maggie Dunn


     Maggie Dunn was raised in Tucker, Georgia where she graduated from Tucker High School. During her time there, Maggie received a great deal of encouragement and inspiration from her Advanced Placement Art Teacher, Mrs. Renee Gaither, and extracurricular instructor, Mr. Hardwrict. In the Advanced Placement Art Program, Maggie completed a concentration series of Family Portraits. Maggie Dunn is currently a student at Kennesaw State University working on a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a major in Sculpture. She plans to continue education at graduate school, where she will work towards a Masters in Fine Arts Degree. Once achieved, she strives to become a Professor of the Arts and continue her own independent work on the side.    

     Many of Maggie’s works of art are drawings and paintings, with an emphasis on portraiture. Alternatively, her current focus is Sculpture. Maggie has had multiple pieces in various exhibitions throughout Atlanta, such as the Dogwood Arts Festival and the Metro Atlanta High Museum Exhibition. Furthermore, two of her drawings won her two Silver Key awards at The Scholastic Art & Writing Competition hosted by Georgia State University. Maggie continues to complete commissioned portraits and other new art pieces during her time. Many of her pieces are done in Rembrandt Soft Pastels, although other common media include Prismacolor Pencils, Ebony Pencil, Sharpie, and more. Her current sculptural pieces are made of materials such as paper, clay, and wood. Maggie’s work is mostly representational and realistic. She is a highly accomplished and motivated student artist, and is learning new things every day.

Maggie's work can be viewed at http://theartofmaggiedunn.com

Secretary/Treasurer- Adriana Greene

Adriana Greene is a senior, planning to graduate with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with the concentration of Graphic Communications. She hopes to also complete a minor in Art History. Adriana has always been artistic since a very young age. She was introduced to graphic design in high school and immediately enjoyed it. She was recently featured in KSU College of the Arts’ Flourish Magazine in Fall 2013, for her “Art for Social Change” piece, which centered on Pit Bull Rescue. While in school full time, Adriana is employed at Velociteach as a Senior eLearning Designer and Programmer. Adriana is really excited about becoming a part of the KSU Visions team this year!